TOP 10 attractions in Kyrgyzstan

April 4, 2019

Sometimes of diversity landmarks head can go around. So ​we decided to help you in choosing places that need to be visited in particular while you at Kyrgyzstan.

1 .At the top of our list there is national park Ala-Archa. It is just 40 minutes driving from Bishkek. It is a great option for people who has just one or two free days. Having visited this gorge you will get impressions for many months ahead. Being in Ala-Archa do your best to get up to stones “Tarasiki”. From where you could see a wonderful panorama of all gorge! What could be better a cup of hot tea in such a great place?

2. The Sary-Chelek is one of the most beautiful high mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan. Dozens of the powerful rivers run into the lake. If you decided to visit this beautiful place, we recommend you ride a motor boat along the lake’s coast. You will get a great impression visiting and seeing of its beauty.

3.Arslanbob- a little corner of Uzbekistan in Kyrgyzstan, where every person can surprise you at there hospitality and kindness. Road of this small village are infused by the powerful roots of walnut trees. By the way, the walnut forest located not far from the village is the biggest in the world. To visit Arslanbob we recommend you to take an excursion by car 1956 year release. It is specially equipped for the travellers convenience .

4. Son-Kul-the second biggest high mountain lake. Its height is more than 3000 meters above the sea level. Lake’s uniqueness is in its authenticity. You won’t see any buildings besides the national kyrgyz shelter called Yurta. There isn’t any connection with the outside world. So the rest at Son-Kul lake is perfect for people who want to relax from the city noise in atmosphere of silence and unique sunsets!

5.Jety-Oguz – the gorge of seven bulls has several legends about the origin name of this place within its red rocks. This gorge is an ideal place for family holidays in the wild and for fans of trekking. Being here you will enjoy by beautiful sunset with an amazing view of mighty red rocks.

6.The Kol-Tor lake is on the list of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan because of its bright emerald color. While the ascend to the lake is quite easy to get through forests and lowlands. Most part of the year the lake is in frozen condition. That’s why we advise you go hiking in the middle of the summer. At this time it’s filled of water and has the brightest colores.

7.Canyons “Fairy Tales”- obtained their name due to the freakish sandy figures that create special atmosphere of fairy tales around. It depends on your imagination what you can see, miracle animals or wonderful gardens.

8.Tash-Rabat- you have heard about The Great Silk Road for sure. Not anyone could imagine how a guest house looked lake more than ten centuries. Now you have such a great opportunity to see it by yourself. The building was restored properly but it didn’t lose its origin appearance.

9.High mountain lake Ala-Kul, from the Kyrgyz it means “variegated lake” that lives up to the name of this place. The lake impresses you by diversity of colors.The turquoise color of lake is in complete harmony with green grass, non melting glaciers and all kinds of mountain flowers. To enjoy the beauty of this place, we strongly advise you to go hiking for three days as minimum moving from Karakol gorge to Altyn-Arashan gorge.

10. Glacier “Inylchek”- the biggest in Kyrgyzstan. Its length 58,7 kilometers. One of the most awesome way to visit this glacier is to take helicopter tour from the Karkara camp. There are also trekking tours for mountain hiking fans passing the glacier and reaching to the basic camps. From where climbers start climbing to the Khan-Tengri and Victory peaks.

It wouldn’t be serious mistake not to mention in the list about the must visit landmark, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan- Issyk-Kul lake. That is a business card of our country. Almost around the year tourists from

all over the world are coming to see nonfreezing lake which keeps a lot of unsolved mysteries.