Along the traces of nomadic tribes

The tour route passes through places that were popular among nomads hundreds of years ago. Explore the nomads' heritage with our tour!

Tour program
6 days
Bishkek - Too-Ashu pass - Suusamyr valley - Kyzyl-Oi village

On the first day of the tour we will go to the Suusamyr high mountain valley, the road to which passes through the Too-Ashu pass and the longest tunnel in Kyrgyzstan (about 3 kilometers). You will see the old road, on which these mountains crossed before the tunnel was built, and you will hear an interesting story of a strong man Kozhomkul, who once, according to legend, had carried his horse over this pass. Once on the other side of the mountain range, you will see a beautiful valley, which in ancient times was very popular among the nomads living on these lands.

Towards lunchtime, we will arrive in Kyzyl-Oi village, located on the banks of the turbulent river among the beautiful mountains. We will have a few hours to get acquainted with life in the village and walk around the surrounding mountains. At your request, we can organize a horse ride (for an additional fee). And before dinner, we will enjoy a folk show, performed mostly by children, which will be a great end to the first day.

Overnight in the guest house.

Today we will do a transfer to the highland lake Son-Kul, located above 3000 meters above sea level. This lake is a special place among modern nomads. Every summer they come here to feed the animals and live in yurts, often even without electricity and communication with the outside world. During the season you can see a lot of yurt camps, some of which are set specifically for tourists.

The path to Son-Kul will be interesting - we will drive through the mountain roads, coal mines and beautiful passes. By the yurt camp we will arrive in the afternoon and will have enough time to enjoy this place, get to know the life of modern nomads and meet the beautiful sunset.

Overnight in the yurt.

After breakfast in the yurt we will go to one of the most ancient sights of our country - Tash-Rabat caravanserai. Once, hundreds of years ago, caravans passing along the Silk Road stopped there. No one knows when and by whom this place was built, but the nomads who lived on these lands honored him very much.

The road to Tash-Rabat will be very beautiful - we will descend from Son-Kul along the Moldo-Ashu pass, and then we will drive along the road passing from the village of Baietovo. We will arrive to Tash-Rabat in the afternoon, have lunch in yurts and then go to explore the caravanserai itself.

Overnight in the yurt.

After breakfast in the yurt, we will go from the southern border of Kyrgyzstan to the northern - to the lake Issyk-Kul. Due to the mild climate and the abundance of fresh water, the area around Issyk-Kul attracted nomadic tribes. And nowadays there are many yurts and people who have lived in these mountains for a long time and have devoted their lives to animal breeding. Our route will pass along a good road, through the city of Naryn and the village of Kochkor.

Our goal is a yurt camp located on the southern shore of the lake, almost at the very water. The road will be long, but interesting - beautiful landscapes are waiting for you, a visit to an interesting workshop in Kochkor and a delightful view of the second largest alpine lake in the world!

Overnight in the yurt.

After breakfast in the yurt camp we will go towards Karakol, and on the way we will visit several beautiful places - the Fairy Tale Canyon, the Barskaun Gorge and the Jety-Oguz Gorge. All these places have their own uniqueness - in the Fairy Tale there is a stunning relief, Barskaun is famous for its waterfalls, and in Jety-Oguz you will see beautiful red rocks.

Almost all day will be spent on trips and walks in the mountains. We will arrive in Karakol in the late afternoon, accommodate ourselves in a guest house, have dinner in a good local cafe and go to rest.

Overnight stay in a guest house, double rooms.

After breakfast in the guest house we will go to the Ak-Suu gorge, located near the guest house. Here we will visit the hot springs - pools with natural water in the open air. And then we will go back to Bishkek, along the northern shore of the Issyk-Kul lake. On the way, we will stop in Cholpon-Ata, where we will have lunch, visit the Ruh-Ordo complex and, if you wish, the open-air museum of petroglyphs. Afterwards we will continue our journey and arrive in Bishkek at approximately 9 pm.

Services for additional payment:

In the Yurt camp on the shore of Issyk-Kul you can see a folklore show (surcharge – 5000 soms from the group) and a demonstration of hunting with eagles (surcharge – 5000 soms from the group).

In the gorge Jety-Oguz you can also rent horses for horseback riding, surcharge 500 soms per hour for one horse.

Clothes and equipment:

You can take all necessary things. Please take into consideration that in summer time the temperature in Bishkek city reaches up to 40 oC and in the mountains the temperature decreases to 10 oC. Be prepared for unexpected changes of the weather.

Recommended: rain-coat, sweater/fleece, wind-stopper, enough t-shirts and other underwear (think of taking smth with long sleeves to avoid sunburns), hat (remember – the sun can be violent), sun-screen cream (30 or higher), insect repellent (skin + clothes), good trekking boots for easy hikes in the mountains, walking shoes (don’t need heavy ones) for the city walks, flash light (torch).

Personal first aid kit (most likely problems: blisters, sunburns, allergy, diarrhoea, sore muscles after hikes. Take painkillers, anti-histaminic, antibiotics of general action, and anything you need for your usual medical conditions), personal hygiene kit (disinfection gel is highly recommended) + some toilet paper.

A small towel, swimming suit (for Issyk-Kul), sunglasses, photo camera, notepad and a pen to make notes as you travel, a smaller backpack, except for your normal suitcase.

Tour prices
Private tour for one person
2180 USD
Group of 2 people
2440 USD
(1220 USD per one person)
Group of 3 people
2850 USD
(950 USD per one person)
Group of 4 people
3200 USD
(800 USD per one person)
If there are more than 4 participants in your group, please contact us for pricing this tour.
Transport services and guide services
Accommodation in the yurt camps
Accommodation in the guest houses in the Kyzyl-Oi and Karakol
Meals by program
Entrance fee to the territory of natural and historical objects
Excursion to the Fairytale canyon
Excursion to the waterfalls of the Barskaun gorge
Excursion to the Rukh-Ordo
Bottled water
Does not include
Flight tickets
Accommodation in Bishkek
Breakfast on the first day of the tour and dinner on the last day of the tour
Accommodation in single rooms
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